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Sodapop Game image

Sodapop Game

Operations, inventory and capacity management simulator, ideal for putting knowledge into practice in a realistic and controlled environment.

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Startup Journey image

Startup Journey

Through the simulation, the students will experience with different strategies and decisions, seeing how those can increase or affect the success of their company.

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Wine Game image

Wine Game

Visualises the problems that occur in a supply chain when the members don`t communicate with each other and find significant delays in the delivery of the final products.

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PricinGame image


In this simulation, each team will assume the role of a Revenue Manager who must set prices in order to maximize the company's profits.

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Balanced Scorecard image

Balanced Scorecard

The simulation is developed in the context of a case study called "neXstore", planning and executing a new strategy in a convenience store chain.

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Warehouse Game image

Warehouse Game

Each team will manage a distribution centre for one week. Defining the number of workers, where to assign them and which tasks to prioritise.

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Negotiation Game image

Negotiation Game

The challenge is to obtain the greatest savings by forming alliances between one or more players, negotiating how to share the savings and reach an agreement before time runs out.

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